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Monday, October 22, 2012

What Does Mitt Romney Do When Nobody's Looking?

I found a clip from CBS here, with this general subject. Oh my gosh, these liberal commentators make me want to vomit! They ask questions like why is it that people don't know Mitt Romney is always helping other people wherever he is? Why haven't we heard those stories? Why is it that Mitt Romney hasn't successfully formed a narrative about why his success and wealth are an advantage (he has already, but the media doesn't cover it)? Why is it that Mitt Romney's coverage has not revealed his real character? Why is it that Americans haven't realized how genuine, smart, and caring Mitt Romney is?



The media has ignored and pushed away stories like these consistently and repeatedly. I've searched for these kinds of character-revealing accounts of Romney over the past year and a half or so, and I have found plenty of evidence that Mitt Romney is really a terrific person. Kind, helpful, humble, honest, hardworking, funny. These stories have been around, but the media never picked up on them because that would hurt Obama. IT IS THE MEDIA THAT SUPPRESSED THESE STORIES.


I'm trying to control myself here. It's just when I hear the media all of the sudden asking why these stories haven't been front and center all along when they're the culprits, it's more than I can take.

This is why Mitt Romney successfully shows his character, in person, at the GOP convention and the debates. I'm sure he also does so at campaign stops. The media would spin his messages against him otherwise. The media sure has picked up on plenty of Obama-friendly false narratives of Romney by taking his words ricidulously out of context (such as the 47% and Big Bird and just about everything they can think of) and also created a false Romney. They de-humanized him.

They are to blame. Watch them try to spin everything for Obama tonight after the last debate. Watch them give Romney less time than Obama like they have in the past two debates. Watch them cut off Romney more than Obama. Watch them throw the victory to Obama again even though polls after the second one clearly showed Romney as the winner in all areas. Watch Obama lie through his teeth. Don't forget that all the fact-checking after the second debate showed Obama a liar, not Romney.

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  1. Yes - so ironic that they only reason these stories may be coming out now is that the media suspects he will win and they want a CYA (we didn't know!) The narrative and liberal agenda was so much easier when he was just a vulture capitalist rich guy who cared about no one. Now that people have seen the debates and know that's not even close to true, they have to change their story somehow. So fascinating.