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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Post-Debate Coverage

I want you to think about the follow-up media talking points after the debate.

I see media disappointment in Obama. I see coverage of Obama's excuses, and those of his advisers. I see no one questioning the Mitt Romney campaign, as fair and balanced coverage would require.

I see media piling on Mitt Romney's facts with their biased fact-checkers, while they fail to check many of Obama's "facts," as fair and balanced coverage - or fact-checking - would require.

I see media commiserating with Obama over the poor job numbers (and other economic indicators) and tiptoeing by them, even though they are the same media who couldn't leave Bush's deficit or unemployments alone but instead were shouting them from the housetops. Obama's numbers are all worse than Bush's (and not his fault four years later) but the media is not shouting Obama's poor numbers from the housetop, as fair and balanced coverage would require. Mitt Romney did draw a lot of attention to them, but the media is doing its best to bury that too.

Read both sides, my friends. There is no way on earth to get all the information you need to make a rational decision with only the news media for a source.

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