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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Homeless

I am too young to remember this. Apparently, not until Ronald Reagan's presidency were the homeless focused on in American media and politicized shamelessly. They promptly disappeared from the headlines as soon as Bill Clinton was elected, similar to how the Iraq war and the total federal deficit were erased from media consciousness as soon as Obama was elected.

The homeless number twice as many as in Reagan's time.

I am certain the homeless will once again enter our public (media) talking points as soon as Romney resides in the White House and not a minute earlier - along with anything else that could damage the man in public opinion. After all, he's a Republican. Not a Democrat.

Democrats can rack up $5.5T in debt and lose millions of American jobs with barely a peep. Democrats can lie about policy failures and the deaths of American citizens and get away with it - without impeachment. Too many Americans still don't know about Fast and Furious, though the details of Benghazi slowly but surely are infiltrating our leftist media, as conservative media coverage forces them to admit the truth.

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  1. Effects of redistribution: the rich certainly get poorer, but so do the poor.