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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The debate!

What a night. I'm glad I tuned in. I was surprised there were no commercial breaks full of "analysis" but boy I was glad I was not forced to waste my time listening to any of that. If you missed the actual debate, please watch it or read the transcript.  Listening to anyone else analyze it for you (including me) is not going to be instructive, it will just sway your own opinion or try to sway your opinion, including the 'fact-checkers.' So watch it first.

For those of you who did, now I'll tell you what I thought! I thought both men did a good job of engaging listeners, for the most part. They were civil. They were clear most of the time. The exception to that is Obama who really rambled and strung incoherent ideas together when he couldn't defend his record. Obama wasn't as arrogant as usual, so that was nice. Nice to not be subjected to his "superiority" for a change.

Of the two of them, Romney came across the most genuine and caring. He talked about real struggles. He talked about all the many studies about the disastrous effects of some of Obama's policies, etc. and how they have negatively impacted the economy, jobs, cost of living and thus American lives. He talked about the needs of small business and what small businesses say they need right now - and it sure isn't Obamacare and higher taxes that are coming down the pipeline Jan 1. Best of all, I feel like he finally explained how you "grow the pie."

As I have explained before, by lowering taxes and creating a pro-growth environment, revenue is not hurt because there are more taxpayers and higher incomes which are taxed, thus making up for any difference in revenue created by cutting rates. Romney gave a masterful explanation early in the debate. Obama ignored it and kept hammering his same old tired points about 'math' which is ironic, because if he did his own math he'd realize that the federal revenue is down with his high unemployment rates from high taxes during a recession.

The only big difference in how the two of them debated is that Romney played both offense and defense, and Obama was playing mostly offense with little defense. He has little he can say about his weak record so it really is best for him to ignore those comments and instead attack Romney, even though it gives him away (for those paying attention) that he is unable to defend himself as to why he wants to keep going with the same policies that have kept us in a down economy in the first place. He channeled Bill Clinton a couple times, but you know what? Bill Clinton only had a decent economic record because Newt Gingrich muscled through tax cuts and a balanced budget!

I can't think of a single time that Romney passed by the opportunity to defend his record, in contrast. He did well. I hope this debate gives whatever undecideds are left out there the impetus to look into Romney separate from the media reports of him. Which are hopefully flawed and skewed compared to his real record. Go Romney!

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