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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I hope you enjoy the debate tonight, I know I'm sure looking forward to it.

Today I'd like to talk about bias. A few days ago I deleted some unprintable comments referring to my 'blindness.' As in, I don't think for myself because I pointed out a couple points brought up by Rush Limbaugh. Absurdity! He obviously didn't realize I draw information from and repond to information from many different sources.

The great irony of these deleted comments is that very day or maybe the day before, Rush himself mentioned that if you talk about his ideas without crediting him, people think about it and agree they're good points. If, however, you credit Rush as the source, many people will spout off media talking points of Rush Limbaugh and stop listening with an open mind. The media has trained people to equate Rush Limbaugh with evil. Blindness!

And proving Rush's point to me, I had these comments. Oh, the irony.

The point being, the media trains people to respond to some issues and people in a certain way, and if people aren't concious of it, they follow along blindly. 

Don't do yourselves the dishonor of believing all the bad the media says of Mitt Romney. Or believing that Obama has nothing bad about him as the media wants you to believe. Or believing what they say of Rush Limbaugh. For heaven's sake, give the man a listen for yourself before you judge him! Give him a few weeks, say until Election Day. It takes more than a day to understand where Rush is coming from and what he means, etc. Just like it does with any other person on this planet.

Consider multiple points of view on every person and every issue, because only in that way can you know if you are being misled by one opinion or the other.

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