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Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama is Quiet about 2013 Tax Increases

Do you remember when I wrote about the unprecedented level of tax increases set to take effect Jan 1st, 2013? It's finally been picked up in the news media, but without most of the details such as the fact that every single American can expect higher taxes or lower returns. Yup. It's coming. Obama isn't shouting this to the skies for obvious reasons, but he did admit as much in what he thought was an off-record interview, and was later forced to authorize the release of his interview transcript with the DesMoines Register for political reasons - meaning, he can't go looking like he's trying to hide information from the American public, even though that's been the story of his entire presidency.

Also, the Tea Party made a movie about Obamacare and all its flaws, costs, and consequences. You can watch it here: Obamacare is responsible for several million more dollars in tax increases on Americans across the board in 2013, not just the "wealthy."

*UPDATE. Obama is also quiet about the details of Benghazi. A source has revealed much of what the government refuses to tell, and if it is true, then it is easy to understand why the government refuses to answer our questions. Naturally, the news media is protecting Obama and not following these leads responsibly.

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  1. Hey, what about no tax increases on the middle class, huh? It is outrageous that this info is not being screamed about in the media. I'll do my best to spread what I can!