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Friday, October 19, 2012

News Media: Aided and Abetted in Murder Coverup

The news media has done its very best to keep Fast and Furious and the Benghazi attacks out of the limelight because both of them are obvious failures for the Obama administration, which they avidly support despite their standard promises of fair and balanced coverage.

In Fast and Furious, despite conservative media's best attempts (and now Univision) to force the news media's hand, Americans continue to be in the dark. Even though Mexicans and at least one American border control agent have died as a result of this ill-conceived plan. Even though a complete and thorough report should be considered part of accurate reporting. Instead, they side with the Obama administration and cover it up, even today.

Did you notice how when Romney brought it up at the second presidential debate, Obama completely ignored it and made no attempt to defend his record? In his mind, the less Americans know about Fast and Furious, the better. After all, if they knew that he set up a program to walk guns across the border without agents tracking them and stopping Mexican drug warriors before crimes were committed with them, what other choice would Americans have than to believe other than that if Obama is not incredibly stupid, then he wanted people to be killed so he could push for stricter gun laws? Only a border agent died and too many people started asking questions so he didn't get that far. And no, this program did NOT exist under Bush.

Then the media did it again. Libya's riots were blamed on a movie despite the fact that Al Qaida claimed involvement in the first 24 hours, despite the Libyan president insisting this attack was organized by terrorists. Conservative media reported it as such. Conservative media spent a lot of time reporting the details of the Libya attack which results in the deaths of four Americans, but the news media continued their staunch pro-Obama narrative that free speech is bad because a movie fictiously caused a riot, and Obama arrested the filmmaker.

Whatever he said, they said. Didn't matter which news channel you turned to, you heard exactly the same things. Now, the second presidential debate in tandem with conservative media alerting Americans to the fact that their president has been lying to them has produced a new turn of events: Obama trying to spin his way through Libya, with the news media spinning right alongside as usual. Most recently this has him saying the situation is "not optimal." Ben Shapiro of Breitbart says
The left is already saying that the “not optimal” quote has been taken out of context; they were saying that Stewart used the word “optimal” first. The problem: it’s far worse in context. Stewart said that the White House response was “not the optimal response.” Obama responded not by tackling the White House response, but by calling the murders “not optimal.”
The lies and spinning continue on. What many Americans still do not know (thanks to the DNC-News media affiliation) is that the Arab Spring never had a chance at becoming a big democratic movement in the Middle East and other predominantly Islamic countries. For more on that, see Ann Coulter's article explaining why that is so.

Yesterday, I framed the current state of news media- DNC affairs in my head in the bigger picture, and concluded the inevitable. Without the coverup going on for Obama during the past four years (or 8 years of Clinton, for that matter), Americans would have realized Obama is a bad president leading to
  1. His favoribility and overall performance ratings as president being lower all along
  2. He would have modified his policies enough to be more in line with Americans to stand a chance at reelection since he obviously either doesn't know or doesn't care about restarting the economy, or
  3. He would have realized Americans don't want a president like him and he stands no chance of reelection.
  4. If the media did real investigative reporting some of these issues would have been resolved before Americans died and America's place in the world economically and in foreign policy would not have dropped as much as they have with war in Iran now more likely than ever.
Any way I look at this, I can only conclude that the media is just as dangerous to America as Obama's policies if not more so, as Andrew Breitbart realized long ago. The media will still be here (I presume) after Obama is long gone, but their liberal slant will never disappear. They will continue to drive public opinion towards Democrats (i.e. Clinton, Bill) and against Republicans (i.e. Bush, George W.). No matter their respective records. For more on that, see yesterday's post.

Romney well knows the media's bias. He's playing his game accordingly. He used the GOP convention and the three debates (including Ryan's) thus far to show Americans who he really is since the media will never, ever represent him accurately. Here are some of my favorite jokes of his from the charity dinner last night as published at I never suggest that the -- that the press is biased. I recognize that they have their job to do, and I have my job to do. My job is to lay out a positive vision for the future of the country, and their job is to make sure no one else finds out about it.

Let's just say that some in the media have a certain way of -- of looking at things. When suddenly I -- I pulled ahead in some of the major polls, what was the headline? "Polls Show Obama Leading from Behind."

And I've already seen early reports from tonight's dinner, headline; "Obama Embraced by Catholics. Romney Dines with Rich People."
As funny as they seem and as lightheartedly as these jokes were given, Romney is deadly serious. He knows as well as the rest of us conservatives that he will never be given fair treatment in the press. Ever. I see some promise that he'll dare combat the anti-GOP bias in the press as president, which George W. Bush never wanted to do because he thought it not presidential. Considering the obvious dangers of allowing a press to run wild with the facts, as outlined in this post, I think it a matter of national security to make sure the record is straight and American really know what is going on in their country! I dare you to find these particular jokes quoted in even one of the standard news media write-ups of the event.


  1. I'm not even sure many news operations even claim to be fair coverage anymore. I've often pondered if maybe the RNC should invest in scholarship programs for young conservatives going into journalism...

    The charity event was awesome. You could totally tell Obama was rattled after Romney went - he is completely unaccustomed to anyone making fun of him.

  2. May I suggest that you change using "L" words. The "Left" wears the "Liberal" name like a badge of honor when in reality they really are just leftists. Undecideds and Independents tend to look more kindly on "Liberals" than they do "leftists". I enjoy reading your blog, you have some great insights. If we are out to rid ourselves of the left we should call them what the truly are. Keep up the good work.