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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jobs Reports

It is a well-understood phenomenon in the world of conservative media that a bad jobs report is horrible for a Republican in office, but just a setback for a Democrat. Temporary. Unexpected. The opposite happens with a better jobs report. The Republican gets the "about the same" treatment while the Democrat gets "Good, better, big gains" and the like. For the same numbers or even worse numbers and percentages than the Republican.

Last week, the media hyped up an incomplete jobs report, making the situation look better than it really was (for Obama, not for Americans out of work). This week they're barely mentioning a truly horrific jobs report. Why? Because Obama is a Democrat.

Bush would have had the opposite treatment. Remember how Americans couldn't escape the incessant harping on George W. Bush? The minute Obama took office, the federal deficit and unemployment rate left the front page, even though Obama's numbers have relentlessly and steadily gotten worse. Bush is hated today because of news media. Not because of his actual record, which remains largely unknown thanks to the same news media.

Meanwhile, the news media protects Obama despite worse performance in all areas. Leaving Americans similarly in the dark about Obama's real record.

Luckily for Americans, the Romney/Obama debates are informing them of Obama's many failures in office, since the media doesn't do its job of reporting real news. Even though they do their best to keep Americans from the truth even now by ignoring anti-Obama news and making up anti-Romney news instead of reporting details of either campaign and their respective plans for America (must be bad for Obama and Romney's must be going too well!) and by giving the Democrat the last word in debates and interrupting the Republican twice as much or more than the Democrat. Those moderators are all liberal media people, don't forget.

And why, or how, are the American people now realizing that Obama has failed them, along with news media? Romney's clueing them in and Obama's refusing to defend his record. Because he can't.

In conclusion, the media isn't a trustworthy source of information. They're so biased they're not reporting noteworthy good things about Republicans and holding back noteworthy bad things about Democrats. To counterbalance this incomplete information, you must read both sides. Simple solution.

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