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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Foreign Policy Debate Prep

The average American doesn't have a terrific understanding of foreign policy. The news media does absolutely nothing to help them, talking positively only about Democrats' foreign policy and negatively about Republicans' foreign policy. They do not talk about many of the results of their policies, because that would be to admit the obvious: that Republicans have a better record at keeping America safe and strong.

We now prepare to listen to the third and final presidential debate, and also prepare to vote. At least, I hope we prepare. If we do not listen to this debate having a decent understanding about the state of foreign affairs in the world, how can we recognize the lies and the spins? How can we recognize which man is better for the job of president of the United States? This does mean you need to listen to both sides, because (as I'm sure you've gathered by now) balanced coverage simply doesn't exist in one place and both sides leave stuff out. You can go read about Mitt's "laughable" foreign policy on the left, though they give little to no details or either his or Obama's policies, and then you can go read about Obama's actual foreign policy failures at Breitbart. Laughing at Romney is all the ammo the liberals have left to them. is currently devoted to foreign policy at an unprecedented level according to my memory. Why? To help Americans understand the dangerous foreign policy mistakes in the Obama administration. They are obvious and deliberate. They are reckless. They are unreported by the aiders and abetters all over news media, as I talked about in yesterday's post. If you read nothing else at Breitbart, this article is a must-read to get the basics of what news media and the Obama administration don't want Americans to understand about Obama's policy in the Middle East.

I grant you there is plenty more to understand about foreign policy. I feel that Americans already have a better grasp about just exactly what kind of threat China represents to us, thanks to Mitt Romney's explanations in the first two debates. The Middle East has as yet been largely untouched, with Obama avoiding the topics of Libya and Iran like the plague and his friendly liberal moderators understanding his indefensible positions to the point of not questioning him about them. With the principle focus on foreign policy on Monday, I have dim hopes that the moderator will be a bit tougher on Obama.

I expect to hear more also about free trade agreements from both men on Monday night. Romney may bring up Fast and Furious again but Obama will dodge again. Perhaps we'll hear about Russia. Romney has a good understanding of Russian aggression - I was very impressed with his explanations in his book "No Apologies," because they made sense. The liberal media never makes sense. It's like common sense is a foreign language to them! Romney's book is another great resource to understanding something more about foreign policy ahead of the debate and Election Day.


  1. EW88, I like your style. It takes moxie for a conservative Mormon mom like yourself to post on Joan Walsh's Salon site.

    Just forwarded your comment from the "Benghazi Madness" column (should be "Benghazi Blindness")to the Tea Party site.

    A poster there claimed American conservative women are "quiet as little church mice now."

  2. Saw your post on Salon & forwarded it to the Tea Party Website, EW88.
    It takes moxie for a conservative Mormon mom to post there -- I salute you.