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Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm dreaming of the day that
  • My home value rises.
  • Gas is back under $2/gallon and America achieves a perfectly feasible energy independence.
  • Food and other products stop increasing in price.
  • The economy grows at a modest 4% or even more rubust 6% instead of the tepid one point something percent we've got now.
  • The TSA doesn't give Americans grief.
  • America's deficit is under control or at least stagnated, not this $1T additional annual deficit thing we've got now.
  • The American people do research and vote for candidates committed to fiscal responsibility in Washington, then vote them out if they break their promises to their constituents.
  • The growth of government doesn't exceed the growth of the private sector paying for it as we've experienced recently.
  • Taxes go down to create a more business-friendly, job-creating environment in the United States.
  • Taxes go down so federal revenue goes up again. As always happens.
  • States get their budgets and spending under control too.
  • People move out of poverty upward by their own efforts and a government more committed to training programs than permanent hand-out programs.
  • Our entitlement programs are reorganized to make them sustainable for the future without chaining our descendants by limiting their economic freedom.
  • The American Dream lives again.
Dream on, dream on. Yet hope springs eternal. Go Romney!

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