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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Democrats and Racism

As you may well have heard by now, Ann Coulter has a new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. She lays bare all the formerly common historical facts about the Democrats and racism, which have now been hidden - rewritten by liberal historians to blame the racism all on the right. Which it isn't, and never has been, as she's often said explained in her column as well as many other conservative sources.

From the middle this week's column:
It's hard to evaluate Matthews' slander inasmuch as it contains no facts. But if it's conservatives and "the white working class in the South" who are burning with racial hatred, why don't white liberals ever vote for black representatives in their own congressional districts?

Black Democrats apparently can get elected to Congress only from majority black districts, whereas black Republicans are always elected from majority white districts: Gary Franks, J.C. Watts, Tim Scott, Allen West and (we hope!) Mia Love.

How come white liberals won't vote for a black representative? Why can't a black person represent Nita Lowey's district?

Democrats do nothing for black Americans except mine them for votes, ginning them up with tall tales about racist Republicans. This week, a guest on MSNBC said that Republicans' idea of foreign policy is to go to war with "one of those brown countries over there."

This is in contradistinction to Obama, who simply wants to impoverish the brown people over here. Have you seen the black unemployment rates lately? (They're hard to notice, since the NFM keeps them hidden in that vast warehouse with the Ark of the Covenant.)

The august New York Times recently explained that illegal immigration has no effect on unemployment because illegal immigrants compete only with "native-born workers without a high school diploma."

As noted by Vanderbilt law professor Carol Swain, author of "Debate Immigration," that means black workers. Illegal immigration, she says, harms blacks "the most because they're disproportionately low-skilled."
Yup. Democrats don't do much for blacks. As I've discussed before by highlighting an article researched and published at the National Review Online.  Note that the liberal media wants no part in reporting what is obviously hurtful to Obama's reelection. They're the ones siding with the Democrats in keeping blacks on the "plantation," as Herman Cain would call it. Keeping them in the dark. Keeping them from knowing the results on their communities of liberal policies designed to "help" them, though in reality they only help Democrat politicians retain their votes.


  1. Wow. Interesting point of view. Um, I don't want to be inflammatory, but didn't Democrats want a black President in the White House? I think that takes away a little bit (ok, a WHOLE LOT) from your point.

    1. If you look at the breakdown of voters, Barack Obama had a record number of white voters. Record. More than any Democrat in history. White guilt, I think they call it. Affirmative action in action, if you want to call it that. What I'm talking about here is more the Democrat leadership, who were more supportive of Hillary Clinton at the beginning.

      Bill Clinton in an off-record (but on-mic) aside said "a few years ago this guy would have been bringing us our coffee." Racist! There are numerous other examples, follow the links provided.

  2. Keith Ellison is a Democrat from a primarily white district (MN-5). I do not think you know what you are talking about.

    1. How can you know whether I know what I am talking about or not if you do not check the other articles, using the links? There are so many of them. From LBJ and segregation, and the Democrat roots of the KKK, and the Democrat unprecedented level of opposition to Clarence Thomas, and the Republicans siding against segregation and being more willing to employ blacks in elite positions... please do your homework before accusing me of not doing mine.

    2. You wrote:

      "Black Democrats apparently can get elected to Congress only from majority black districts, whereas black Republicans are always elected from majority white districts"

      that is a demonstrably false statement. I live in a district represented by a black democrat. It population is 75% white.

      Civil rights legislation was supported by the Democrats and opposed by the GOP. That is about as simple as anyone can put it.

    3. Time to review your history. If you go back to Congressional records you'll see that is not the case - though I don't blame you for believing what the liberal media wants you to think. Follow the links.