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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brian Terry

Remember when an ex-convict took 40% of the Democratic Primary vote away from Obama in West Virginia? This man is fascinating! I found (thanks to Drudge) a detailed article all about Randall Terry at the Weekly Standard, written by Matt Labash who spent a week with him. It turns out he's a "convict" in the sense that he's spent time in jail for protesting abortions. That's what he does for a living! He protests killing babies. His is a most interesting story and I highly enjoyed learning more about the man, and I appreciate his passion for protecting little people who cannot speak up for themselves. By the way, he advocates for adoption when the birth mother/parents can't care for the child themselves. There is a huge need for adoptive children in this country since the demand exceeds the supply and has ever since Roe vs. Wade, if not before. The world needs more people like Randall Terry. In some ways, he reminds me of Andrew Breitbart. Different passion, but equal in intensity and similar in style.

His entire mission at present is to take away votes from Obama by exposing his abortion record and other human rights issues. He's buying air time (as a candidate this is allowed) just for this purpose. He's the guy behind the anti-abortion protests outside clinics back in the '90s. He's the guy who delivers aborted fetuses to politician's desks in Washington. He's a guy who has few political friends: the pro-lifers hate him because he justly accuses them of being ineffective, and the pro-choicers hate him for obvious reasons. His assistants are often people who became pro-life after being wracked with guilt following an abortion of their own. Or baby-killing, as Randall Terry prefers to call it, which is what it really is.

I think what most interests me about him is that, though he is Democrat, he is violently opposed to Barack Obama and will do everything he possibly can to undermine Obama support. This is because, among other things, Obama voted as a state senator in Illinois for doctors to kill babies resulting from "botched abortions." Babies born alive, then murdered. That's Obama's record.

It's obvious why the news media has been paying as little attention to this man as possible. It's all too obvious they're trying to stir up anti-pro-life sentiment today, in fact, rather than cover real news like Obama knew about the extremists behind Libya from 2 hours after the attack. No, instead most of the media is engaged in Republican bashing and will continue to do so until Election Day. And afterwards to a lesser degree. Don't expect to see any reference to Randall Terry from the media, whether his ads against Obama dent his support or not.

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