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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What the press isn't covering right now

There is a big story out about Obama right now, in direct contradiction to the harassment of Mitt Romney about this very subject. The problem is that while the 47% "gaffe" is a big story in news media, the other story is being completely ignored. You may have heard of the Obama tape from 1998 in which he says that he believes in redistribution in the media, but you probably have not heard (unless you pay attention to conservative media) that Obama said in the same tape that welfare recipients are a potential "majority coalition." Thus proving Romney's point about the 47% that the media keeps trashing him over. Obama is out to build a "majority coalition" by getting so many people dependent on the government that Obama's reelection and ideology is forever secured. 

If what the 1998 Obama is still true of President Obama (and I suspect it is), we have a man who is deliberately keeping the economy down so more people will turn to government aid. He's eradicated most work requirements for welfare. He's not called the "Food Stamp President" for nothing. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has verified that the number of adults on food stamps has doubled from 1.9 million in 2008 to 3.9 million in 2010. Yikes! Which means it is even worse now, in 2012. And we already know this is coming out of our grandchildren's pockets, with Obama adding over $5T to the deficit in less than four years.

The media isn't picking up on this story. They feel the need to delude Americans and keep them in the dark about the real record of the most liberal president we've ever had and attack Romney over supposed gaffes and flaws. Their bias is well documented. See every single post I've ever written and any article at and any story at or any of the other conservative sites listed in the sidebar.

Now, I'm not going to do my fellow citizens the disservice of believing that every welfare recipient wants to stay on welfare. I can't believe that. The American Dream dies hard. What Romney offers these people (again, purposefully ignored in media coverage) is the hope that they can get off welfare: he has promised us all that he knows how to grow jobs and grow the economy and given his work experience at Bain and as governor, I believe him! For more details on how that works, see a previous post.

Summary of that post: lowering taxes increases federal revenue everytime it's tried (see associated data links here). Why? Because businesses have more money with which to grow their companies, hire more people, who in turn pay more taxes. Plus, a company with bigger profits pay more taxes. Romney is exactly right when he says we need to get government out of the way so the economy can recover. For example, Obamacare alone has cost American families an average $3000 increase in premiums, a far cry from the $2500 cut Obama promised at the time (this story is not being covered by the news media either). You see, it's impossible for insurance companies to lower premiums when slapped with more rules about what expensive elective procedures they have to cover. Regulations = cost for businesses. Same effect as taxes.

We can't afford any more of Obama. If he is reelected, we may well need to kiss the American Dream goodbye, because he's all set to allow the biggest tax increase (also neglected in media reporting) in American history to begin Jan. 1, which will bankrupt more companies and force even more onto federal aid. Majority coalition, here we come.

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