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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Predictable Media

As I've previously talked about, I'm reading Breitbart's Righteous Indignation. Fabulous book. Beyond describing how he came to be one of the most hated and most revered men in America, I come away profoundly impressed with how well Andrew Breitbart understood the media and how to fight against the liberal narrative in defense of liberties and against corruption, such as in the ACORN debacle. He is the one responsible for getting ACORN defunded, and consequently their separation from the 2010 U.S. Census.

Forgive me another tidbit (I really recommend this book!):
After ACORN, the bull's-eye on the Tea Party movement had only seemed to grow. The Tea Partiers were attuned to the ACORN scandal from the get-go - anti-ACORN placards were immediately a fixture at the movement's gatherings following the videos' releases. ACORN was a perfect foil for a movement founded on rejecting covert and overt government corruption and the lack of oversight on federal money distribution. There was no way that could be tolerated for long.

At the same time, however, and despite the media's best efforts, ACORN had grown to embody a hell of a lot more than ACORN itself. The scandal started to expose the political [liberal] Complex in a dramatic way, the same way we were hoping to expose the cultural [liberal] Complex with Big Hollywood. Suddenly, people began to see where all the leftist parts fit together: Andy Stern and the SEIU; Obama and Rahm Emanuel and the other White House thugs; ACORN and its on-the-ground fraud; Media Matters and the consistent attempts to keep the media in line, doing the bidding of one side while attempting to shut down the other. Like 1950s America gradually waking up to the existence of the mafia, more and more people were beginning to see the Complex. And this further fed the Tea Party movement, vindicated them, let them know that they weren't seeing phantoms or descending into paranoia. They truly were getting screwed.

And ACORN showed them they could fight back.
This passage is followed by Andrew Breitbart's impassioned please for the Tea Partiers to brace themselves for inevitable attacks by Democrats, liberal media, and the rest of the Complex. Which surely happened. Remember those unfounded and no-evidence accusations of "racism" in Tea Party rallies? They've been demonized and mischaracterized just as surely as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and anyone else who dares stand up to the Complex.

Scare tactics, as Rush Limbaugh calls them. Words and depictions of a person or a group of people designed to keep the unsuspecting and often gullible mind from thinking these people are just like they are, that they might identify with them if they learned the truth about them. Group think. It takes time to learn to see through their tactics. To learn that the Tea Party, Mitt Romney, and any other Republican - are not what they say they are. That the liberal causes they defend (such as ACORN, birth control, etc.) are often hollow and without substance in the case of birth control and the "war on women", or fraudulent, like the case of ACORN and other similar scandals (Weiner comes to mind).

Once you pay attention to what the media is trying to ram down your throat and counter it with the opposite point of view, such as actually listening to Rush Limbaugh, you'll be able to separate fact from fiction (including those from so-called fact-checkers). And like Andrew Breitbart, you'll realize the Complex is completely predictable, and completely beatable. Millions of Americans are onto this.

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