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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rush's Reminder

Rush Limbaugh is always perceptive - and not at all like what the media says of him. Yesterday he made some fantastic points about Obama that are absolutely disregarded elsewhere. The title of this section on his website is "What Has Obama Done for You?" These are serious questions to think about, with about five weeks until Election Day.
The Hispanic unemployment rate is 10.1%. The nationwide unemployment rate is 8.1%. Just what has Obama done for these 30 to 40 million Hispanics, and why do they think that Obama is their answer? Obama's economic policies are damaging everybody, and his policies don't know if you're Hispanic, black, white, green, Martian, bisexual, trisexual, quadrisexual, they don't know who you are. All they know is, his policies are destined to hurt everybody. Unemployment, again, with Hispanics, 10.1%. It's rising. It's on the way to 11%. Hispanics do not have some special exemption from the economic conditions Obama has unleashed on this nation.

All of you Hispanics thinking of voting for Obama, what's he done for you? He hasn't done anything for you. All he's done is what he's done to everybody else, and that's damage the economy and damage economic opportunity for everybody. And you Hispanics and you women and you blacks and every other group that Obama's talking to rather than America at large, none of you have an exemption from his disastrous policies. None of you have a boundary or a shield around you that will protect you from his policies affecting you. His policies affect all of us. His policies are destroying this economy, and we don't even have half of 'em in place yet.

Obamacare kicks in next year and the year after. His tax increases kick in. His spending continues. We're looking at a financial collapse. If you think that you're gonna survive on what you get from the government, there isn't gonna be anybody producing enough to be taxed enough for the government to redistribute anything. They're gonna have to print it or continue to borrow it, but there isn't going to be any economic expansion or growth. There isn't going to be real growth in the job market. It is not mathematically or policy-wise possible. Not with the policies Obama's put in place.

I would ask any of you, whether you're Hispanic or black or female or what have you, what has Obama done for you to date? What's he done for you? How's your life better? It isn't. Your life isn't any better. He hasn't done anything for you. But yet for some reason he's been able to convince some of you that Romney's gonna make it really hard on you. Three and a half years of a record matters. We have a president running for reelection who will not run on his record. His big achievement, health care. He's trying to act like it hasn't happened. He doesn't want you reflecting on it. He doesn't want you realizing that rather than a $2,500 reduction in your premiums, say hello to a $3,000 increase.
Rush sounds like he's exaggerating, but he's not. If you hadn't heard about the looming tax increases, blame the liberal news media who wouldn't dare print something so catastrophic to Obama's reelection. Rush goes on by saying Obama stands in the way black education by killing school choice in inner cities, etc. Then he asks more questions with more references to the state of affairs in the US economy than the media ever asks Obama - though they certainly question Romney about these same things (though they never report Romney's full answers) and Romney has them all answered on his campaign site.
Let me get specific. How will Obama grow the private sector? What have you heard him say? Where are the announced policies that you have heard from Obama that will expand employment, that will grow the private sector? What taxes is he planning on cutting? There will have to be some tax cuts if there is to be economic growth. Some of you may not like hearing that, but the truth is the truth. Have you heard him detail what taxes he's planning on cutting? Have you heard him detail what regulations he's going to repeal? I want you to stop and ask yourself, what's he gonna reverse? What have you heard him say that he is going to put in place that will change the direction of this country?

He says he's gonna get the deficit under control. I want to know what are the policies that are gonna do it. Of course he's gonna get the deficit under control. How? For 3-1/2 years you've heard him say he's focused laser-like on jobs? We keep losing 'em. For 3-1/2 years you've heard him say we gotta get the deficit down, or we're gonna get the deficit down, we're gonna stop all this spending and the debt. Has it done anything but continue to grow out of control?
In case you missed it, I spelled out why tax cuts (and regulatory cuts) are necessary to grow the economy and grow government revenue here (complete with data).  And detailed Obama's tax increases for 2013, the largest tax increases in the history of the United States - across the board. Everyone will see a tax increase in 3 months if Obama is reelected.

In the meantime, please broaden your sources of information because you run a high risk of voting blindly if you don't consider both sides of any issue.

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