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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama's Character

After all those glowing character reports on Mitt Romney surfacing last week with the GOP convention (notwithstanding such accounts have been around for over a year, though they used to be hard to find), I have been wondering when people would bother to write personal character reports about Obama. I've never seen a personal account praising Obama. I've kept my eye open, but I've not heard good of him except from politicians who will say anything and say ambiguous things that don't really reflect on his character anyway. Accounts from friends and colleagues? All silent. Or silenced?

Conservatives have been talking about Obama's character for a while now, but it's just recently beginning to hit the mainstream. Over at Lucianne I found a link to Townhall, which has a conglomerate of articles citing personal accounts of Obama, or at least hints as to his character. Apparently, he's not likeable as a person. The most highly talked of traits are his selfishness (including his ego in that) and his arrogance. People who know Obama and have to work with Obama haven't been impressed with Obama the man. Maybe not Obama the president, either. Time will tell all. The media, however, won't. Keep reading both sides.

And since I liked his comments, here's more on Obama's character compared to Mitt Romney's character from Rush Limbaugh:
You look at these testimonials about Romney, [Thursday], throughout this convention, does Obama have anybody that can tell a story like that? His brother can't tell a story of charity. His brother can't tell a story about personal compassion from Obama. There's nobody. I mean, the Democrats have to be scrambling right now. (interruption) Well, that's what I'm talking about. Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, nobody knows Obama, even in these four years, people he taught, supposedly, at Chicago with the University of Chicago law school. Where are these people that say they've been inspired by Obama?

I mean, Romney's got 'em from every day that he's been alive. With Obama, we can't find them. We don't know who they are. And they've never been eager to put these people forward. I think telling these personal stories was a great approach because, see, this is what I'm ultimately getting at. I believe regardless the cultural depravity that has occurred in this country over the years and the watering down of values, I still think that most people live their lives as conservatives.

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