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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Obama would inherit a worse economy than 2008!

If he is elected, that is. Rush Limbaugh pointed this out yesterday. I wonder who he'll blame it on this time? History would suggest he won't look in the mirror. Even Jay Leno admitted that Americans wasted 4 years waiting for Obama to do something constructive with the economy. Obama has already told us to expect more of the same plans from him if he's elected - the same plans that don't and can't bring good economic results. The  media glosses over or fails to report many economic indicators that look bad for Obama, but they're out there all the same.

If Romney is elected, then he would inherit this terrible economy, but he knows how to turn it around. His record shows that loud and clear - if you look at his whole record and not the small parts of it that the media wants you to remember by hashing them over and over again. The media keeps questioning whether Romney has a detailed plan. Yes, he does! It's Obama that doesn't. But the media doesn't ask Obama the details of his plan, all the while they refuse to report Romney's detailed plan. But it's there, on his campaign website.

Don't trust the media alone as a source of information. If you do, you'll be voting blind. Hindsight is 20/20 and all, but why wait for hindsight when you can learn more now before Election Day by reading both sides?

Go Romney!


  1. Can the Real Mitt please stand up?

    This is Mitt in his own words. Has he ever explained his positions? These are not the words of a conservative, sorry.

    1. Have you ever read his book? He explains himself well, and explains his positions - those that have 'evolved' as we'd say of Obama, and those that have stayed the same whether or not the legislation passed in MA agreed with his own principles.