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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am not a libertarian; I am a conservative. I am a realist and I know that playing nice isn't going to stop bullies from beating me up, which idea goes against human nature and my own childhood experiences.

However, that's not much of an explanation. I ran into a fantastic explanation in the comment section of Breitbart, under #WAR: No More Cocktails. It's a series devoted to remembering Andrew Breitbart and what he taught, in case you're wondering. The comment was given by someone going by Andrew Grooms in response to a libertarian. Please excuse the somewhat belligerent tone. I wouldn't have written it in this overgeneralized way myself, but I still use his full comment because I think he's on to something: what it means to throw morality to the wind collectively in a society.
"True Conservatism is Libertarianism"?

After reading that bigotted, hate filled, smear of a screed of yours, it looks like a something an OWS hippie's caricature of what a hard-core commie lib thinks a "conservative" is. Nice try though.

Libertarianiasm is closer to anarchy and deconstructing civilization that it is "conservative". The Libertarian Platform is riddled with anti-family, anti-civilization, anti-God ideals. You can't celebrate Sodomy, Abortion, Open Borders, Drug Abuse, Prostitution and Atheism as the national religion and have any chance of being taken seriously as a "conservative".

Libertarians are also incapable of processing abstracts, and thus being morally challenged, unable to see the harm their ideas impose, and completely disconnected from reality and human nature they tend to project their limited and narcissistic world view on everyone else.

For example: prostitution and drug abuse destroy families. In the interest of preserving families society sets up a broad spectrum infrastructure including churches, education, law enforcement, rehab programs, etc. Libertarians tend to hate the Church and see it as a threat to their gallery of sins Libertarians believe are harmless, fun and personal; Libertarians hate "Big Government" and see the horribly executed "War On Drugs" as a threat from a secular position what the Church imposes from the spiritual and thus wants to rid "law enforcement" through the insane idea of embracing more evil as a solution.

The goal of pursuing selfish and often self destructive activities overrides absolutely everything. Libertarians don't really care if the family is destroyed or civilization crumbles - they got to smoke weed while frequenting whores and there wasn't anyone around to stop them.

In your rant against "Haliburton" an example of how Libertarians can't process abstract ideas is provided. Conservatives like Free Trade in terms of a "Wealth of Nations" sort of way. Unfortunately, human nature is such where if using violence, theft and corruption is a short-cut to riches, then unrestrained people will engage in that until honest people realize that their work is for naught. For all of human history, this has been the case and piracy was such a problem that our Nation's forefathers organized the Marines to engage in foreign wars to put an end to piracy and slavery that the Muslims were engaged in.  
Today's Libertarians would consider that against their Utopian ideals and thus there would be no level of death and bloodshed that would compel a Libertarian to use the war making powers of the State to re-open the waterways for the safe transfer of goods.
Libertarianism isn't conservative - in its self-absorbed quest for an impossible and vain ideology, they actively promote embracing the worst elements of human behavior. That is demonic.


  1. E B: Part of Andrew Groom's response to libertarianism was this:

    "The Libertarian Platform is riddled with anti-family...ideals. You can't celebrate Sodomy and have any chance of being taken seriously as a Conservative". I have a family, E B., that consists of myself and my husband. We married during the short time that same-sex marriage was legal in California, before the campaign to end the freedom of people like myself to marry the person of their choice was successful. Do you yourself hold that my family and my marriage is "deconstructing civilization" and I embrace "the worst elements of human behavior"? How so, when you've never met me, and have no personal knowledge of what my life is or what it entails? Nevertheless,

    1. I don't think your family is destroying civilization. Those are Groom's words, not mine. That said, I believe God ordained marriage as between man and woman. The point of Groom's comment, I believe, is that if we get rid of all guiding morals (such as basic right and wrong in physical and sexual behaviors) then our civilization will not last. If we embrace moral relativism, then who is to say that rape or murder or theft or embezzlement are really wrong?