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Thursday, September 6, 2012

LDS Politics

Yes, the LDS Church is politically neutral and doesn't endorse candidates or parties in the United States or elsewhere in the world. The press is paying a lot of attention to LDS Democrats right now because of the DNC. They report the LDS Democrats belief that their party and their religion don't conflict with each other, though they they neglect to include that LDS Republicans believe the same thing. I find it very interesting how they commisserate with the LDS Democrats and feel sorry for them for being in a conservative religion, ostracized and feeling dismissed.

I can imagine that LDS Democrats in Utah or other heavily-LDS populations would feel this especially, because at times, Mormon culture overtakes the practice of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lived their religion, they would be loving and understanding and not judgemental of others' choices - whatever they are - because the very core of our faith is to follow Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, I also know that these LDS Democrats are getting attention because the press wants to use them and make a case against Mitt Romney. From the sound of it, they're doing a good job of that, because it seems that LDS Democrats (and who knows, maybe many LDS Republicans?) believe the press when they ascribe traits to Romney's character that don't match up with personal accounts whatsoever. I would strongly urge any person of either party to include both sides in their political studies, because both sides leave stuff out. How can you make an informed decision relying exclusively on one point of view? You can't.

Let's go back to the party and faith not conflicting part because I'd like to add my two cents. Both parties stand for some good things, some less desirable things. Neither party should be made to feel it is bad (liberal press, I'm talking to you about how you cover any Republican or the party, and LDS Republicans I'm talking to you about how you may be treating LDS Democrats).

Now it's my turn to talk about why I am an LDS Republican. If any of these things seem "crazy" then rest assured you haven't read both sides and therefore do not have enough information to judge. Yes, I'm well aware of the flaws of the GOP (the real ones, not the ones necessarily ascribed by the press), but I still identify with them over Democrats, and I identify with the freedom-and-fiscal-resposibility-loving Tea Party movement most of all.
  1. I believe in fiscal responsibility and so does Mitt Romney, but Obama doesn't. $5.6 Trillion in four years? How much would he add in another four, breaking his promise to tackle the spending and deficit, which are now more out of control than at any other time in U.S. history?
  2. I believe that government handouts should have a work requirement for those able to perform it. People shouldn't be able to take my money for doing nothing unless they have sufficient disability in the mind or body that they really can't do something for themselves. I lived in south side Chicago long enough to see terrible, horrific abuse of the system. Really, you couldn't even imagine the fraud and waste and ingratitude of some welfare recipients. Half of them? More? Who knows.
  3. I don't support abortion or gay marriage, believe God defined marriage as between man and woman. Call gay marriage something else and I'd be OK with it.
  4. I believe that government shouldn't be the sole provider of welfare. Republicans give more to charity than Democrats on average. They might agree with me that charitable work is something that can greatly benefit the provider and recipient but that's lost with the government in the middle, besides all of the unnecessary overhead. I can see where Democrats think that role belongs to government with a chosen president who doesn't give a dime of his own money to help impoverished relatives.
  5. I believe that the government should support the empowerment of its people, by including training with government unemployment, by a work requirement for welfare perhaps eventually leading recipients to provide for themselves as in the welare system of the LDS Church. Empowerment, rather than increasing limitations from lack of work and experience.
  6. The government has grown too big for its britches. The deficit far exceeds GDP, and the biggest debt holders are ourselves. Taxpayers are already struggling in an unnecessarily down ecomony burdened with too many taxes and regulations to become profitable again. Which is a downward spiral, because then the government spends even more our money that they don't have and the debt grows.
  7. I believe in freedom. I believe that the Democrats' actions against free press where it involves conservatives are reprehensible. Obama's infringing on the rights of various religions in this country through Obamacare, passed against popular support. I believe the Democrat's actions in foreign affairs show a priority on the spread of freedom and democracy.
  8. I don't believe in a war on women or interjecting racism into campaigns. And if I did, the Democrats would be the ones waging that war. Women earn less than men in Obama's White House staff, Democrats use and ricidule/victimize women routinely, while the GOP has plenty of women (and multi-racial) representating the GOP in politics and elsewhere. And no, the GOP has never once thought about banning contraception. You're fooled by the media if you thought that.
  9. Government meddling in markets makes things so much more expensive. If the government hadn't taken over or directed student loans a few years ago, students would have Much Lower interest rates. Capitalism means best costs for all, thus benefits society.
  10. I believe that the GOP knows how to create jobs and would do it, while if Obama and the Democrats know how at all they haven't done it.
  11. I believe the GOP knows how to save Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They're being demonized by the Democrats and the press, but the Democrats aren't offering any solutions whatsoever. Just spending more and more money leaving these programs more and more insolvent. They seem to think they can keep writing checks forever without the money to back them up.

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