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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democratic Convention

I'm greatly enjoying the conservative news headlines (and articles) of the Democrat Convention. The liberal media is trying to play the DNC up, to make it look as normal and "inspirational" as possible, but they're in trouble. The liberal media wasn't even able to make this much circus out of the RNC convention in with their clowny TV coverage, in comparison. Check these headlines out from Breitbart, from a few of the most recent to oldest.

Resurrection!: DNC overrules delegates, rams God and Jerusalem back into platform

Not 2008: Big drop in viewers for day 1 of Dem Convention

Another day, another (third) Nazi reference from a Democrat

Change! Dems run out of hope for Obama stadium speech

Democrat platform supports taxpayer-funded late-term abortions

AP: Democrats embellish Obama's record

Forward? Charlotte Community in despair 4 blocks from DNC

Tension rises between protestors and police at DNC

DNC requires IDs to enter convention

Democrats boot God from convention platform

They didn't fill that? Democrats may downsize Obama speech to smaller arena

All O's, No Asses: Obama cult of personality dominates DNC

Narcissist-in-Chief: Obama most cited term in Dem platform

Clinton: Nothing could be more frightening than four more years

Planned Parenthood: 'Sex, Politics, and Cocktails' DNC party

If headlines (and articles) like these aren't enough all over the conservative news world, there's more. Perhaps most damning are the words of Rush Limbaugh, responding to what he saw last night at the DNC, of which I include the general idea:
There were two conventions. The two hours before the big network cameras started showing things it was the Democrat Party we know. It was pedal of the metal abortion. Auto bailout. It was Republicans are Nazis, all that stuff. Starting about 9pm, they started lying, and nothing that was said after 9pm, I don't think anybody believed. I don't care who the speaker was. I don't think they believed a word of what was said from 9pm on.

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