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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conservative Enthusiam Through the Roof!

Now that Mitt Romney is on record as a strong conservative (thanks to liberal Mother Jones' publishing a secretly taped meeting with Romney donors), the sky is the limit! Nothing he said is not true. Everything he said is resonating with the conservative base. I agree with the base: Romney should be able to use this "gaffe" to great advantage. Not only could he lay out a grander vision of a life of opportunity for those now on welfare, he can lay out the stark differences he has in what he wants for the American people compared to what Obama is doing for the American people. Not only that, this "gaffe" is outing the bias in the media all the more. No one who hears Romney and agrees with him is going to turn around and then agree with the media saying that what he said is all bad.

The fear now, of the conservative base, is that Romney will listen to his stifling "advisors" who don't want him to scare away independents - as if this would. If you don't know, Republican campaign advisors tend to be old school GOP - the Establishment Republicans. The kind who like big government, that don't fight to reign in spending and deficit, those that fear tackling the Democrats head on. They play to lose, on average.

How much will this matter in the end? Since it's not even October, probably not much. The media will make hay of this for about a week and then they'll move on to new attacks. They change frequently - about weekly, with all the big networks saying the same exact things (except Fox). It will matter in the long run only if Romney uses this to his advantage. I sure hope he does.

Rush Limbaugh put it well:
Screw the independents. We have 47% we're talking about here. Forty-seven percent is a much bigger universe than whatever the independents are. Go for this bunch. Head for 'em right now. Tell them how great they can be. Tell them how crucial they are to making this country work. Tell them. Tell them. Give them some high expectations. Tell them what's possible. Barack Obama's not. Barack Obama's not touching that. Barack Obama doesn't want to go anywhere near how great people can be. He doesn't want to go anywhere near how great this country can be because he doesn't believe in this country's greatness. He thinks it's unjust, it was unfairly acquired or achieved. He's trying to roll it back.

Folks, I'm telling you, it is such an opening. But you have to be able to see it. If you don't see it, you have to be convinced of it. You have to believe it. From the Republican convention, I know Romney believes it.
Now, other times Rush Limbaugh has talked about how preaching conservatism is what attracts independents anyway, not being moderate. I agree. I don't know why he didn't bring it up today. Other conservative sites have mentioned it though.

And if you've missed earlier lessons on the Democrat idea of compassion and that sentencing people to a life of handouts is not real compassion, then here you go. Rush Limbaugh again.
We want you independent of government. We don't want people depending on government. That's never gonna get anybody anything. That's not prosperity. That's existence, at best, subsistence, the norm. Nancy Pelosi's a millionaire. How did she become a millionaire, aside from marrying it? Do you think she did it on food stamps? John Kerry's a millionaire. How did he do it? He married it. Do you think John Kerry's a millionaire 'cause of food stamps or welfare or any of the other programs they want you to be on?

Who really has the best intentions for the poor? I would submit to you it's Mitt Romney. Any Republican, any conservative looks at people in poverty and says, "It's not necessary, not in this country." There are ways out of it. Not ways of sustaining it and calling that compassion. We don't define compassion by adding up the number of people who get food stamps. We define compassion by how many people no longer need any of that stuff. Not Barack Obama. Not Joe Biden. Not Harry Reid. Not Nancy Pelosi. And not the media. The more dependent you are, the more ignorant you must be, and that's how they want you. 
UPDATE: Romney has responded in many places, but here is his article printed in USAToday. Score for Romney!


  1. what is the link between mormons and jews? do they have the same political opinions ? do mormons feel persecuted like jews? but do not incessantly whine.

    Please enlighten me.

    1. We have a similar world view. Mormonism claims to be a restoration of the Church of Christ, which was on the earth off and on since the days of Adam and Eve. Yes, that means we share many things with the Jews that other Christians do not such as temples. Mormons do not feel persecuted the way they did when chased by murderous mobs out of Missouri and Illinois because of their threat as an abolitionist voting bloc, but they still get a little irritated that the media goes to so little effort to report beliefs and practices accurately. There is a lot of hearsay reported and interviews with Mormon antagonists more than real reporting by including the LDS point of view.

  2. mormons , jews, evanagelists ....look in the mirror

    and you will see someone as dangerous as islamists you despise.

    1. You must be new. I don't despise Islamists. I respect the peaceful practice of Islam highly. What I dislike isn't even radical Islam, but rather the liberal media's refusal to report the situation accurately.
      Mormons and Jews do not believe in killing people they disagree with.

  3. Apologies in advance, but I don't have the time to go through your article and one-by-one point out the serious, grave errors in your article. So with the time I have, I'll limit myself to your first sentence:

    "Now that Mitt Romney is on record as a strong conservative."

    Let me first define key policy position of American conservatism. I'm almost certain American conservatives describe themselves as pro-life, are in favour of the 2nd amendment to the US constitution (that is, in its interpretation that it gives American citizens the right to bear arms), and support repealing Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act.

    Now that the terms of reference are established, let's look at Mitt Romney's statements (words that he said) and his legislative program as Governor of Massachusetts.

    - Mitt Romney stated that as Governor of Massachusetts (and did) he "will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose ... I will not change any provisions in Massachusetts’ pro-choice laws."

    - Mitt Romney regulated gun laws as Governor of Massachusetts: he signed into law a permanent ban on assault weapons.

    - Mitt Romney signed into law healthcare legislation (Romneycare) that ensured nearly every resident of Massachusetts obtain a state GOVERNMENT REGULATED minimum level of healthcare insurance coverage and provides free health care insurance for residents earning less than 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

    So on three key positions of American conservatives, Mitt Romney took the position of American liberals. Pro-choice, gun control government-regulated health care. Classic tenets of American liberals. Romney's public record is not of a 'strong conservative'. His record on social issues is liberal leaning, and at best, liberal-leaning with a sprinkle of conservatism.

    To say anything different is unrealistic, and quite possibly, delusional.

    Thanks for listening. Oh, I think you should check out these guys. A good friend of mine is a regular blogger there:

    1. I'm familiar with feministmormonhousewives and don't have a problem with what they do on the whole, though sometimes it seems they don't fully understand the gospel. Whatever.
      I'm very familiar with Romney's record. The problem is, that records alone don't make the man. They don't reflect his personal beliefs, necessarily. What person among us has a perfect life? Certainly his record of any of the other GOP candidates qualifies him as a candidate. It is far more important to me to know that he governs as a fiscally, and even in Massachusetts governed as a social conservative after elected. I've read enough personal accounts of Romney to trust him, which is a heck of a lot more than I'm able to say about Obama.