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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A message from the right

The press is biased! Isn't it ironic (don't you think so?) that the liberals insist that the press isn't biased because they agree with them, and won't be open-minded enough to give conservative media a look? They really do report different things. You really can't learn all there is to learn about anything without checking both sides.

To illustrate, at Breitbart today I read about a "fact-checker" for the left, this time with the AP. They're becoming notorious liars. Then I read this aside about AP:
AP isn’t going to change: just today they joined with the Huffington Post to report that Mitt Romney had told a flood victim in Louisiana just to call 211, and refused to report the entire conversation, which had the victim saying:

“He’s good, he’ll do the best for us, he has our best interests at heart. I thought he’d be more like a politician, but it was more understanding and caring. He was caring.”
Well, well, well! The left is hiding pro-Romney information once again! I'd read multiple reports in the press about Mitt's Louisiana visit and not once did they report the full conversation. Instead they were trying to make Mitt seem stupid. Which they usually do - but only the most brainwashed citizens and the most militant of liberals still believe that. Liberals, with VP Biden the gaffe-o-matic!

Yup. It's time for people to wake up and smell the bias. And read both sides.

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