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Sunday, August 19, 2012


A few days ago I found a Jewish Journal response to some anti-LDS Church articles regarding tithing and Church finances. You know, the kind that accuse the Church of being a corporation, of "forcing" its members to pay tithing, etc. Completely bogus stuff showing a lack of detailed research, and without any valid LDS viewpoints from approved sources, or even a list of the many charitable purposes of both tithing money and other financial holdings in the Church. The kind of anti-LDS anti-Romney reporting that is all too common in the liberally-biased press. But I digress. The opening paragraph of this response hits the nail on the head about tithing and tithe-payers in the Church:
While walking with a group of rabbis on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, I noticed that one of them had a rather pensive look on his face. Hoping to resolve his concern, I asked him if everything was OK. After a brief hesitation, he admitted that he had trouble understanding how the LDS Church was able to get its members to pay tithing. Another rabbi immediately volunteered to answer his question: “Mormons believe that they are a covenant people. Paying tithing is a way to keep their promise to God.” I couldn’t have said it better.
That is precisely right. We are a covenant people, like the Jews. Meaning that we believe we make promises with God. We promise to obey, and He promises blessings for our obedience.

This particular report didn't include anything about LDS Church finances, though I've written about that before. An official LDS Church response to inaccurate reporting of Church finances may be found here.

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