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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Convention Transcripts

Here are the transcripts for a smattering of speeches from the convention thus far. These people understand that Americans want solutions to the fiscal problems we're presented with and they want them now, they want a future for their children and grandchildren, and that success and economic growth both require freedom instead of overregulation and big government. Lovin' it!

In no particular order:

Ann Romney

Chris Christie

Mia Love

Gov. Scott Walker

If you read just one, I think it should be Ann Romney's. She's awesome. She's genuine and heartfelt and right on the money. No pun intended. She talks about love as a motivating force for good, and how women are the . According to Breitbart, you should read Christie's as well as Ann's, because he talks specifically about the "tough love" our country needs to get back on track, away from the popularity contest that American politics has become. Read both!

From Breitbart on Ann's speech:
One thing's for certain: after tonight's speech, I don't think we're looking at a "war on women" from Ann Romney; we're looking at a "war from women."

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