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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney's Mormonism on View at Convention

I've sure seen a lot of media talk and angst and trepidation and expectation about Romney's expected discussion of his religion while at the convention. My opinion may not add much, but then again, it might. Why? Because I think I understand exactly how Romney decides to do certain things when he does them, and even which things he chooses to do and which he choose not to do.

For example, he went with his "gut instinct" to choose Paul Ryan as a running mate (incidentaly my favorite of those considered). What I think I can safely say, as a fellow Mormon, is that he felt inspired to choose Paul Ryan. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members are confirmed into the church with the gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism. The Holy Ghost guides us in decision-making as we pray and keep the commandments of God, and keep our promises to follow Jesus Christ.

Why would Romney open up about his faith, all of the sudden? The media has been calling on him to do so for a month at least! I'll tell you why the convention is a good place. The media aren't the ones asking questions and being the only people getting word to the people of America. Instead the GOP is speaking to itself, with itself, and for itself and broadcast without liberal commentary (until afterwards). This is a prime place for Romney to show why his membership in the LDS Church has shaped him and given him valuable experiences working with all kinds of people, supporting all kinds of people, and understanding, loving, and serving all kinds of people. Because those who have raised this point are absolutely right: it is his LDS Church experiences that show Romney's character.

The news media will still write up the convention and Romney's religious experiences in their usual snide way, and leave out the good stuff in favor of the "gaffes," the inane, and focus on  the points they think are out of touch with America even though all that really means is that the media is out of touch because the majority of Americans currently side with the GOP on both social and fiscal issues, acccording to most (liberally weighted) polls. The media and the liberals are in their own little bubble with little contact understanding about what and why the rest of the country thinks the way they do. Now that new conservative media is on the rise, Old Media does this to their own demise and increasing irrelevance.

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