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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

I have to gloat today because Paul Ryan is a VP pick I wrote favorably about back in the day and of whose budget I have written also. Hooray for Paul Ryan! We need to have more people onboard who articulate clearly and plainly just why we need to reform our federal budget. Too few have ever heard of the 1974 Budget Reform Act that entitled all federal programs to annual budget increases regardless of revenue or necessity, and not many more realize that when these increases are up for cuts the Democrats cry "Draconian cuts" even though the budgets still increase. Anyway, I'm excited about this GOP ticket!

I know the Democrats are thrilled too. Just like they were thrilled that Mitt Romney was chosen for Republican nominee, even though he is proving harder to smear than they expected. Last week's attacks on Romney yielded Obama an immediate 4 point drop in the reputable polls of Gallup and Rasmussen. That doesn't mean that the Democrats aren't going to try to smear harder than ever, just that it is no more likely to work than it is at present. I suppose at the minimum, this VP announcement pulls some immediate attention off of Romney and refocuses both campaigns on the budget and economy to some degree or another. Good one!

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