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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open season on Mormonism begins!

I've seen multiple reports declaring that Axelrod has OKed an "open season" on Mormonism, all the while other reports declare how wonderful Obama is for leaving the topic alone. Come on, people. Do you really think Obama is unaware of what his campaign manager is doing? Don't you know he'd have to get Obama's approval? All this means is Obama wants the pristine appearance of doing no evil all the while he sets his minions - including the media - to do the "dirty" work.

Already (Google "Mormon Romney") there are dozens of articles recapping most of the smears against the Mormons in the past six months. To bring them to America's attention afresh. No mention is made of the LDS Church response to these defamatory claims. None of them reference or Accurate reporting is not what they're after.

Already they're rehashing that some 18% of Americans (Gallup) wouldn't vote for a Mormon, not referencing the Pew Study that says the more people learn about the Mormons (factual information, grant you) the more comfortable they feel voting for Mormons. Nor do they mention that Gallup's study shows that 24% of Democrats and independents wouldn't vote for a Mormon while 90% of Republicans would. Yup, the bias is all too clear.

I'm not worried about the spotlight on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yes, a lot of people are bound to get a false idea of my religion as a result, others will realize that religion doesn't have much to do with the election and still others will realize that the reports aren't accurate and do some cross-checking. Maybe they'll be the same people who realize that the media doesn't do honest reporting in most topics. Maybe they'll realize that Romney isn't the person the press wants us to think he is. Maybe they'll also realize that the media is so biased that they've got to read both sides to form an educated opinion ahead of the November election.

*The media has skewed the public's perception of the GOP convention, according to a new poll. See Breitbart's report. So tricky, liberals! I tell you, I don't know how anyone can think that coverage is unbiased.

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