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Saturday, August 4, 2012

More bias exposed

Newsbusters has up a neat little synopsis of the current campaign coverage situation. It refers to the Media Research Center report from which they draw their information, the same report from which we found that 86% of Romney coverage by the news over a one week interval is negative.
– NBC and CBS savaged Romney for an innocuous remark about London’s readiness for the Games following security issues widely reported by those same networks. The comment was so unremarkable that NBC cut it out of their original taped interview with Romney.

– NBC and CBS only made Romney’s Olympic comments an issue after taking their cues from British tabloids.

– When candidate Obama toured abroad during the 2008 campaign, the networks ignored that Obama falsely presented himself as a member of the Senate Banking Committee to reporters in Israel referring to “his” committee’s calls for divestment in Iran.

– Four years later Romney’s tough talk on Iran in defense of Israel was reported as an “error.”

– During Romney’s week-long trip, the networks committed 53 minutes of almost entirely negative coverage to the Republican candidate. During Obama’s trip in 2008, they spent 92 minutes gushing over Obama.

Biased coverage? I should say so.

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