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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mia Love

Have you heard of Mia Love? She's a mayor of a small Utah town, up against Jim Matheson for the House of Representatives. She's got Tea Party and GOP support, and do you know why? Not only does she embody everything the Tea Party believes in like fiscal responsibility and small government, she's an immigrant, black, Mormon, and a woman. If elected she would be the first Republican black woman to serve in Congress. To this end she is a highlight of the GOP convention. She's a rising star.

She embodies more than that in my book, however, as well as Romney's book. With all of these erroneous accusations of racism and sexism in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints out there, Mia Love is a direct and positive answer. I'm sure this is why she's speaking at the convention and touching upon the LDS Church. She's black, she's a she, and she's Mormon. And a convert, no less! Meaning, she wasn't raised Mormon but chose to become so later in her life when she learned about the Church.

The press is missing the point on Mormonism. The core belief is to follow Jesus Christ. Have you read or seen that anywhere in the news? The press says the Church is a corporation, even though it clearly is not and they ignore many charitable ventures of the LDS Church. I saw an article this evening in HuffPo that was SO BAD. I won't even give you the link, it was so bad. Instead of providing any contrasting opinions or research whatsoever, the entire article accused Mormons of racism. Really? You reporters can't spend a second on,, or to get some facts about our beliefs? I think this bias is so obvious that no one should fall for it. People would have to be pretty stupid to think that the press if giving them anything resembling accuracy.

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