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Friday, August 3, 2012

Media Coverage

While there certainly is much I could say about Harry Reid's questionable (illegal?) source of information that Mitt Romney supposedly hasn't paid taxes for the past ten years (when all other accounts would suggest otherwise), it all comes down to politics. Democrats control the media, they're digging deep looking for any possible dirt on a guy with as just about as clean a record as any politician ever had. The Democrat operatives (Obama?) probably chose Harry Reid because he's a Mormon too. Mormons have a reputation for being clean-cut and honest so the accusation is supposed to bite more coming from Reid, not that Reid hasn't been party to questionable business ethics in the past. Unlike Romney. If you're interested in that whole saga, check out Rush's response to Harry Reid on Romney's taxes.  At minimum, it ought to remind and reassure any concerned voters that the LDS Church does not influence LDS politicians. Period.

I'd like to point the focus toward something else. A related topic. 86% of Romney coverage is negative.  Are you still unconvinced about the bias in the press? Here Obama is sitting at 44% approval, and the press still "gushes" over him and talks up a poor labor market. Rasmussen has Romney up 47 to Obama's 43. Is that getting any attention in the liberal media? No. Read both sides, people. There is no such thing as making an informed, educated decision if all the sources of information considered are from the same viewpoint.

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