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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Answering Questions about the LDS Church

Earlier this week, I highlighted an article written by the head of the LDS Public Affairs Department, Michael Otterson, which was published in the Washington Post. He explained that to learn who Mormons are and what they do one needs look no further than their local LDS congregation, because that is where most of the service, love, and general interaction with communities happens. This happens primarily at a local level, but it goes on in LDS congregations all over the world. There are tens of thousands of them.

This same Michael Otterson has an article in the LDS Church magazine, called The Ensign. He teaches members how to best interact and answer questions for members of their communities. It is a valuable resource for members of the LDS Church who do not have much experience in explaining their beliefs, or who don't yet feel comfortable explaining their faith.

An Unrelated Side Note: You know how the media and Team Obama are making much of Paul Ryan and how they can hit Mitt Romney even harder on the same old themes? That's it! They don't get to add new themes. I am SO EXCITED that Paul Ryan is the VP candidate. He is perfect for the job. Articulate, clear, plain-spoken, has common-sense and the ability to explain why it's common sense to reform the budget. Yeah!
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