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Friday, August 24, 2012

Another glowing character report for Romney?

This time it's in Businessweek, about Romney's LDS mission in France. I don't know what's got into these media outlets - now they're willing to interview dozens of Romney's friends and associates?  Those he served in the LDS Church and those he served with? To reveal his character as kind, with abundant leadership skills? What took them so long?

This article partners nicely with the Washington Post one I pointed out earlier this week. This time around I am not shocked, but I am still grateful to the press for doing some serious reporting and contradicting their standard narrative of ignoring everything that recommends Romney in his past and in his character. It shows abundantly that he is not the person they pretend him to be!

This is my favorite part from Businessweek because ... well, you'll see.
“A mission is about serving others, of course, but in my experience, it shaped the missionary as well,” Romney wrote in his 2010 update of his book “No Apologies.” “Like my fellow missionaries, I lived on a hundred dollars a month -- about six hundred of today’s dollars -- and that had to cover rent, food, transportation, and clothing. Accordingly, I lived quite differently than I had as the son of an American auto executive.”
If this came out in 2010, it should not be news at this point, and I needn't remind you that this goes expressly against the standard media narrative that he's out of touch. I do suppose, however, that if the press is more than willing to ignore the problematic points in Obama's book, they are also more than willing to ignore the good points in Romney's. Again, the bias is spelled out loud and clear.

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