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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Glowing Romney Character Report in Liberal Media

I was shocked and grateful - yes, really - to see a lengthy article in the Washington Post detailing Romney's LDS Church service and teachings to other Church members through the years. The title is slightly confusing (Mitt Romney, as a leader in Mormon Church, became master of many keys), but it is at least intriguing enough that it's attracting a lot of attention. This is a far cry from the attacks on his character WaPo has done in the past with his time in high school or Bain. For this story, they interviewed many fellow members of the Church, those who Romney served with or those whom he served. While some of the details may seem confusing to "outsiders," the overall feeling both about Romney's character and the LDS Church is positive. Thank you, Washington Post! It is high time that people learn that (or at least wonder if) Romney is not the person the press makes him out to be. If you read this article and have any questions about LDS terminology, please ask me in the comment section, or visit

The question I am left wondering is why now? I'm still not sure. Why would liberal media give even one great account of Romney? Are they suddenly worried about their bias being apparent to even the most gullible of readers?  These are the same people in the media who have been calling Romney into question for being private about his faith for the past three weeks. Now they answer their own question without a single comment from Romney, proving the his direct discussion is unnecessary?

I really can't summarize the article itself. I can only say that through this article, as many others I have read in conservative sites in the past year that interviewed his friends and associates, Romney is revealed as compassionate, loving, kind, a problem-solver, a listener, a compromiser at appropriate times, and genuine. Thank you again, Washington Post, for including a well-researched pro-Romney article and not masking his true character behind standard Democrat talking points. These honest articles are too few and far between, but I am grateful all the same.

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