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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some LDS perspective

To hear tell about the "hateful" stance of the LDS Church towards gay marriage, you'd think people were trying to pressure the Church to change their ways - including some in the Church who don't seem to understand that this is a doctrinal issue rather than a cultural one. Sure, intolerance and hatred have no place in our behavior towards any of our fellow men, but that does not mean that God's eternal doctrines are subject to change or "evolution." Marriage is defined by God as being between man and woman.

Allow me to give you some perspective by broadening the conversation to other doctrinal issues within the LDS Church.

  • We believe in abstinence before marriage and complete fidelity afterwards. 
  • We believe in avoiding harmful substances including (but not limited to) alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and coffee. 
  • We believe in keeping all of God's commandments.
Why? Well, when we choose to keep God's commandments and repent of our sins and transgressions, we are clean before Him and are better able to receive revelation and inspiration for our lives. Sin of any kind interferes with the ability to listen to the Holy Ghost. Ultimately our dedication to God (as evidenced by following Jesus Christ) will bring us home to live with Him.

Yes, this means that gays within the LDS Church are expected to live celibate as any other single member of the Church would do. Otherwise, gays may choose to marry in the traditional way as some have done. LDS Church doctrine is family - based. In order to achieve the highest level of salvation and live with families eternally, we are sealed in holy temples for time and eternity and are afterwards faithful to the covenants (promises) that we have made to each other and to God.

If you don't like this, that's fine. The LDS Church doesn't ask for approval or affirmation from any culture anywhere in the world. They only seek God's approval by teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the best of their ability.

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