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Monday, July 30, 2012

Remembering the 2002 SLC Olympics

Deseret News published a lengthy story in two parts about Mitt Romney's role in the Salt Lake City Olympics, and precisely why his Olympic experience should matter to a Mitt Romney campaign. Fascinating information.

Part 1: Romney and the Olympics: What the Salt Lake Games say about a Mitt Romney presidency
This part talks character, among other things such as budgetary priorities like putting athletes' health and comfort above the Olympic committee VIPs'.

Part 2: What Mitt Romney's response to Sept. 11 attacks can tell us about his approach to crisis management.

I especially love Part 2. Did you remember that Mitt Romney was in D.C. on Olympic business when 9/11 occurred? How he had to decide what the terrorist attacks meant for the SLC Olympics and whether it was possible to have them at all? How he arranged for the increased security and bringing all international parties on board with his decisions? How he got special permission by the Olympic committee to use the flag from the World Trade Center in the Opening Ceremonies? I had forgotten. To quote:
Romney skillfully used 9/11 as a new symbol for the Olympics, memorializing victims at torch-run venues and using the tattered flag from ground zero during the opening ceremonies, which has become an iconic image in the 2002 highlights reel.

Romney had always wanted the opening ceremonies to be emotional, so when the United States Olympic Committee wanted to use the flag, he seized on the idea and won an exception to the IOC's traditional ban on nationalism at Olympic ceremonies.
 I strongly recommend both parts. If you only have time for one of them, choose Part 2.

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