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Monday, July 23, 2012

Proving My Point

A funny story for you. Well, I think it's funny.

Once upon a time some weeks or maybe months ago, I was reading on a liberal news site some utter hogwash about either Romney or Obama, I don't remember which. Either they were lying about Romney to tear him down or lying about Obama to build him up. I think the article was disparaging to conservatives in general, and the comment section was even worse. Name-calling, insulting, ill-educated stuff.  Typical liberal talking points about conservatives like they're stupid, etc.

I commented, in this hostile territory, something to the effect that I felt that conservatives were actually better informed and better educated because they formed their opinions not according to and in agreement with a deluge of liberal media but also the conservative media response and they also knew how to argue and debate their opinions and positions; whereas liberals just spout off the same liberal-media-taught hatred for the right without a second thought, and that if they were ever crossed in this opinion they would just shout more names without engaging in discussion or debate.

Less than a minute later some dude replied with profanity that I was so wrong and stupid. No debate. No discussion. No open-mindedness. I was tempted to reply "Thanks! You prove my point." But I didn't. I didn't need to - it was all too obvious!

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