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Monday, July 2, 2012

Private Equity Hyposcrisy

This at Breitbart in The Vetting Series:

President Barack Obama has attacked Gov. Mitt Romney's record in the private equity industry as CEO of Bain Capital. But ten years ago, as he struggled to raise funds for his long-shot U.S. Senate campaign, then-State Senator Obama decided to embrace the private equity industry and its wealthy Chicago political donors. At one point, Obama even sponsored a resolution in the Illinois Senate calling calling private equity firms like Bain "the best opportunity for long-term economic vitality" and for "the creation of jobs."

Heeheeheehee! Breitbart is making a name for itself in stirring up the liberal talking points and turning them on their heads. Their exposures have the news media on their toes! Because of Breitbart, the media is forced to cover Fast and Furious (however minimally), Politico suspended a reporter, and Weiner was called out a year ago. Right wing media - led by the vision of the late Andrew Breitbart - is completely changing the way Americans get the news.

I read somewhere (Breitbart again, perhaps?) that the Romney campaign is constantly checking in at Drudge, Breitbart, and the like and it is one of the reasons that Romney's campaign is so successful at providing quick counterpunches to the Obama campaign and media smears. Go Romney! He's running a brilliant campaign and he's playing to win.

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