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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Obama's excesses

Excessive vacations and vacation expenses, a 'stimulus' bill that was so large even Congress had a hard time getting rid of all the money to all the unions, extra TARP funds that Bush didn't want to use, you name it. Obama is a big spender of our money.

His campaign, while paid by donors, is in the red, according to what I've heard somewhere months ago. Maybe that's changed, but I rather doubt it. He's a spender! Now a report has come out that Obama Campaign Spends More Than $2.6 Million on Polling - in June. Sheesh! That

Is this really the man that American citizens want in charge of our nation's fiscal problems? Spending our money until we don't have any left? He shows no restraint and no responsibility. Hence the nearly $16T deficit thus far with annual deficits topping $1T for the first time in US history, with no sign that he will cut back or ask Congress to cut back.

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