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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Numbers Support the GOP

Unemployment Rate Dropped in Every State that Elected a Republican Gov. in 2010. The average rate drop was 1.35%, compared with an average drop of 0.9% in states with Democratic governors, with many of those states having increasing unemployment.

Just as Obama prepares to drop tax bombs on us all, consider also that In Maryland, Higher Taxes Chase out Rich. They move to Virginia, with better tax rates, or elsewhere. Mostly Virginia though, because the rich in both Virginia and Maryland are strongly tied to our federal government in the District of Columbia. Similar things are happening in New York and even California. States with bad business laws lose business and the money and jobs and income taxes and sales taxes they could make from them. States with bad income tax rates are losing residents with high income. What does this mean federally? People will have less incentive to earn more than $250,000 and have less incentive to hire people for their businesses thanks to Obamacare with its host of federally regulated rules and taxes. Regulated through the IRS. Lovely.

Will Democrats ever figure this out and decide it's not worth lying about any more? I doubt it. They like to massage the raw data in obscure and unethical ways until it shows something they want to hear. Like all of Obama's job reports adjusted upward the next week. Like Nancy Pelosi fudging numbers or pulling them out of thin air with no scientific basis. Etc., etc., etc. Thank you, conservative media, for shouting loud and long enough that liberals can't completely hide their shady methods in the complicit news media.

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