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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mormon Support for Romney

The New York Times has a most interesting article about the big financial support Romney has from other well-to-do Mormons. I don't know if this is to put attention towards those relatively few LDS businessmen who have notable careers and pioneer ancestry, as Romney does, or whether it is to focus on Romney supporters as wealthy and therefore out of touch, but what they do report is accurate, even though the article focuses only on a rather small subset of LDS Church members.
In interviews, several of Mr. Romney’s supporters expressed their concerns that attention to the financial support he has received from other early families of the religion would raise old prejudices and accusations of clannishness that followed their forebears. For many, their support is born of their personal admiration for Mr. Romney, as well as of their shared values and experiences with him, whether in business, at Brigham Young University or as high-level lay officials of the church.
“Obviously, there’s a Mormon tie there,” said Kevin B. Rollins, a former Bain & Company partner and onetime chief executive of Dell computers, who has donated $375,000 to Restore Our Future. “But it’s much more about his competency as a manager and an administrator.” You don’t keep winning positions of leadership if you mess them up, he said.
Not that this quote reflects the main point of the article, which is that rich Mormons in business have pioneer ancestry (which hypothesis is broken by other Mormons such as Glenn Beck). Other news agencies have noted the groups of anti-Romney Mormons, who dislike his politics because they are Democrats or independents. Only 85% of the 6-odd million members of the LDS Church living in the United States are Republicans, after all.  

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