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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mischaraterization Warning

As time goes on and as Romney proves harder to distract on the campaign trail, the harder the liberal media tries to undermine him, in conjunction with the Obama campaign. Now they're digging up Mormons of (gasp!) differing political opinions! Imagine that. Here we have several Mormon Congressional politicians on both sides of the aisle but they have to go dig up every-day Mormon Joes and Janes to suggest Romney isn't speaking for everyone - as if that is news.

They have to compare Mormonism to Scientology. No connection whatsoever, besides you might say both are misunderstood. Scientology is genuinely secretive, from what I can tell. The LDS Church, on the other hand, is hard to ignore. The I'm a Mormon campaign to to to to local LDS chapels to missionaries... we're everywhere, trying to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not so  much the Scientologists.

The media suggests (in an underhanded way, with their wording or random quotes) that Romney isn't a good Mormon - as if they could know. Subtle, this media is. As far as I can tell, Romney's a good Mormon in every sense of the word and I'm proud to have him represent our faith on a national scale. I also approve of his decision to leave the discussion of his faith to people other than himself.

As a reminder, the LDS Church maintains strict political neutrality, though it encourages members to be active politically and that both political parties (for those in the United States) support good things. Not that that means that either one of them are wholly good, mind you. Both have their issues.

In conclusion, don't believe that the media is innocently reporting anything about Romney or his religion. Because they're not. Go to better sources. Read both sides of any story.

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