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Thursday, July 26, 2012

By Hook or By Crook: Voter Registration Fraud

I'm sure you remember that Obama's DOJ (Eric Holder) refused to allow Florida to clean up their voter rolls by removing dead voters, etc. As they are required to do by law! They can't win. The law says they can't do what the law says they have to.

Now Virginia is having trouble with its voting rolls. The nortorious Voter Participation Center has been mailing registration forms addressed to dead people, pets, and children. The Romney campaign is asking for a probe, and rightly so.

I saw some other report about voter registration forms being mailed to residents of Democratic-leaning areas. Fraud again. I don't have the link to that anymore, I apologize.

Fraud doesn't stop there. It gets worse. Drug money has been buying votes in Kentucky. We all know who supports drug legalization, don't we? This activity is definitely illegal and is indefensible, and I'm relieved to see that (according to this report) the Dems aren't even trying to defend it. They already have several public officials incarcerated for buying votes in the past. Talk about corruption!
Then there is a weak online voting system in most states, which are designed to help overseas voters such as military personnel to exercise their right to vote. This system can be hacked. I don't know if this online ballot initiative would be an improvement for overseas voters or not. The military tends leans Republican, and in 2008 Illinois purposefully did not mail out the absentee ballots to their residents in the military until it was physically impossible for the military personnel to get them returned on time. Thus denying them their votes. New York routinely doesn't send ballots to the military. With no penalty. Remember that Illinois and New York and both blue states, and apparently willing to suppress conservative votes in their states. Illegal! But unpunished. The media suppresses information like this all the time, because they're liberal themselves. Also, while the federal voting law states that states must mail out ballots overseas by a certain time, there is no means of enforcement that I am aware of. I'm suspecting that an online system may be better in that respect.
Then there's Rush Limbaugh, who suggests that while all this talk of voter fraud is intended to make the Republicans lose faith, hope, and voter enthusiam, but as long as we vote there won't be enough fraud to make a difference in the outcome.

Which is precisely what happened in Governor Walker's recall vote in Wisconsin. For example, people were bussed into Milwaulkee from Michigan and probably other places as well to vote illegally, with 110% voter turnout reported, but it still left Walker up 7 points against his opponent.

Walker's election is probably as good an indicator for November as anything else we've got. Conservative voters are fired up and will vote just like in WI. Fraud will happen, but it will not win.

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