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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stained Glass Ceiling

I've not heard this term before, but Romney has broken it, the 'stained glass ceiling' that is overcoming evangelical voters' qualms regarding voting for a Mormon. Prior concerns are claimed to be imbedded in a fear that the candidate would be ruled by the LDS Church. The LA Times has a write-up all about it. With Harry Reid out there endorsing same-sex marriage behind Obama, which is against Church policy and doctrine, you may rest assured that the LDS Church won't endanger its political neutrality.
"Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch [the Republican senator from Utah] will both tell you that they've never received a phone call from Salt Lake telling them how to vote," Michael Otterson, the church's chief spokesman, told me this week.
As I and many other Mormons have assured you. Apparently evangelicals are supporting Romney at a level nearly as high as they supported John McCain. Cue the break of the stained glass ceiling.
I suspect Romney will continue to keep quiet about his faith - no sense in disturbing the apparent peace between himself and evangelicals - but there are plenty of transcripts available from his 2008 run which include religion. Also there are plenty of Mormons who contribute to the national discussion and elucidation of Mormonism. And we can continue to point to Harry Reid who doesn't contribute to the discussion and never has and we expect never will. Why should Romney be expected to talk about religion right now if Reid won't?
What is more telling (to me) is that Democratic opposition to Mormons continues long and loud. But they wouldn't be voting for Romney anyway. There are plenty of people on the right who are still predicting that the news media will try and beat Romney's Mormonism to (his political) death, even though Democrats continue to assure us that they would never do such a thing. Hah. I'll believe it when I see it.

What kind of ceiling should this one be called?

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