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Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney's Offensive

The Obama campaign Battle of Bain is over, and Romney one. Yesterday, after refusing to apologize for any jobs lost in his time as a 'vulture capitalist' and amid reminders from Romney supporters in private equity that an 80% success rate in turning businesses around is actually hard to do, Romney organized a presser at Solyndra. Grand slam! From the Note:
The Romney campaign earlier this week released a video, “Not Even Half,” which highlighted the Obama administration’s investment in the now-failed Fremont, Calif., manufacturer. At the time of the federal investment, Solyndra was the nation’s largest solar energy plant and was touted as an example of the president’s commitment to government subsidies that would promote clean energy technology and so-called green jobs.

Solyndra went bankrupt in 2011, laying off more than 1,000 employees, after receiving $535 million in federal loan guarantees through a ‘s Act program. The investment has been slammed by Republicans who believe the Obama administration chose the plant because of its ties to major donors. It has been the subject of an ongoing congressional investigation.

When the company went bankrupt, taxpayers were left to pay off the loans associated with the grant and Republicans seized on the investment as an example of the administration’s, as Romney says, trying to pick “winners and losers” in the free market that would benefit high dollar donors.
In other words: Obama, your record at investment stinks, and you used public money for your investments. You're not a businessman, you're in over your head, and further, you're corrupt and practicing crony capitalism. Next!

'Next' already started. It's the attack on Romney's record as Governor of Massachusetts. As hard as the Democrats will try to compare apples to oranges, I don't think they'll be any more successful in convincing Romney to play by their rules as they did during Battle of Bain. Unlike McCain, we've now got a GOP candidate not willing to lay down and roll over just because the media tells him to. Romney is playing to win.

The cards are still stacked in Obama's favor, because he controls the press and thus the tenor of national conversation. What, you didn't notice that the Washington Post miraculously had a front-page ad attacking Governor Romney on the same day that Obama's campaign announced it would attack Romney's record as governor? Conservative media sure did. (That's three links as three examples of many.) Just like they noticed when Obama announced his 'evolving' support for gay marriage and the Washington Post in mere days threw up a front-page story of Romney's 'bullying.'

The good news for the GOP is that with Romney playing to win, he's correcting the bad math and bad historians of the left. Some of this is trickling down into standard media, and more and more people are checking out conservative media all the time, no doubt wondering why the standard media attacks them so much unless they've got something to hide.

* You know Obama's case is desperate when his DOJ Eric Holder is demanding that Florida stop cleaning up its voter rolls, or stopping them from trying to prevent fraud and illegal voting. Holder wouldn't demand this if he didn't know it would hurt Democrats. You'll not see this news on the left. But it's all over conservative sites. This shows liberals for what they are: Cheaters, law-breakers, dictators who value their own rights but not anyone else's.

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