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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mia Love

In Utah, a young black conservative Mormon (Mia Love) is challenging Democratic incumbent Jim Matheson. She's got a lot of enthusiastic support, because she's a conservative much like Sarah Palin: fighting corruption as mayor of her Utah town, dedicated to fiscal responsibility, etc. Tea Party. She's got a real chance against Jim Matheson, in this anti-incumbent year and in a state where large turnout is expected with Mitt Romney on the ticket. Mia Love, if she wins, will be the first black Republican woman elected to Congress.
Politico's Arena posed the question Monday to various political operatives on how much this matters for black voters. Kind of a strange question, if you ask me, but liberals love to dwell on 'voting blocs' rather than idealogy. Most of the answers reflected the impression that race matters less than idealogy, though Democrats predictably are against her and say as much. Not this answer, from Democrat Jason Stanford, an opposition research consultant.
If an overwhelmingly white, Mormon, and Republican district elects Mia Love, a black Mormon conservative, all it will prove is that black politicians will prosper in the Republican Party as long as they cow tow [sic] to white conservatives.
She might sincerely share their values, but they won’t let Love rule even if she’s elected. And when you have white conservatives attacking the basic citizenship of the first black president, her election won’t change anything.
What a bunch of racist hooey! I'll break this down lie by lie, from the bottom up.
1) White conservatives are NOT attacking the first black president because of race. They are attacking him because of his idealogy and illegal power grabs like his executive order for amnesty for illegal aliens without Congressional legislation (according to the US Constititution which is still the law in this country even if Democrats want to change it). And most conservatives are not 'birthers,' and even if they were, it isn't about race either. It's about upholding the Constitution!
2) Conservatives would too let Love rule if she's elected- as much as any other member of the Tea Party in the House, that is. She will not get special treatment from the Establishment any more than the rest of them, and will be derided for sticking to her values by the GOP Establishment and Washington and all of liberal media, just like the rest of them. Nothing to do with race, only idealogy.
3) I hardly think that other black conservatives in politics are kow-towing to white conservatives. Clarence Thomas marches to the beat of his own conservative drum; bless his heart. Allen West is quite outspoken in his criticicm of Barack Obama, unlike his GOP leaders and I suspect directly against their wishes. He's another Tea Party guy. Michael Steele is part of the Establishment, but don't hold it against him. As the leader of the Republican Party it's not like he was taking orders from anyone any less than liberal politicians take orders from each other. Barack Obama issues plenty of marching orders on Capital Hill. No, the GOP is not racist. They're not the ones dwelling on race or other categorizations in this country. We've been over this before.
4) Mia Love won't be elected because she's Mormon in a Mormon state. Jim Matheson is also Mormon! It will come down to idealogy. Not religion. Not race. Just idealogy. If an overwhelmingly Republican district elected Jim Matheson in the past, you can't even blame partisanship. If you haven't noticed, Dems, the voter base in this country is enthusiastically embracing the message of the Tea Party: fiscal responsbility, balanced budgets, giving our children a future, and getting rid of corruption in Washington. Thank you, Wisconsin, for proving their point!

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