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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lessons from the Book of Mormon

In the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, there is an account of a man named Korihor who went around teaching that there would be no Christ (before Christ's birth), that prophets couldn't know the future, that their prophecies are false, that Church leaders 'glutted' themselves off the people and kept them ignorant by teaching the gospel, that these people were 'slaves' to their religion, that people could do whatever they wanted because there was no sin. Etc, etc. Sound familiar? It should. Secularists, I'm talking about you.

These are all lies. Then, as now, Church leaders are not paid for their work. They teach and preach Christ because only through Christ may we, God's children, find lasting joy and inner peace. By exercising faith we can gain a testimony of things we can't see.

This man Korihor was taken before the high priest of the land (equivalent of the LDS prophet) where he repeatedly denied the existence of God and said he wouldn't believe unless God showed him a sign. He wanted physical proof. Sound familiar again? The prophet answered him with a question, what proves to you that God doesn't exist, or that Jesus Christ will come? The prophet told Korihor that he already had had plenty of signs such as the existence of the world, of the people on it, the scriptures, etc. But, he said, God will smite you as a sign of His existence to prevent you from leading people away from the gospel of Jesus Christ. And He did. Korihor was struck dumb, couldn't talk ever again, had to go begging for food and was trampled to death in a far away, irreligious land. The people in the Church who had believed Korihor repented and came back into full faith.

Even though not everyone who goes around spreading lies and rumors will suffer a like fate, the principles are the same today. Faithful people the world over know that spiritual proof is different than physical proof, but just as valid. These people aren't going to be swayed by secularist voices denying what they know to be true. These people aren't going to become slaves to sin, choosing instead the freedom of a clear conscience before God.

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