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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hydrofracking: the Science

I'm sure you've all seen plenty of fors and againsts on the subject - especially againsts. That's how liberals get what they want - they care the populace with false claims about the environment and human health. Remember how liberals say that fracking contaminates the ground water? A petroleum engineer over at RedState has looked at the scientific data available and compared it with the liberal propaganda and concludes that the propaganda is just that: no substance.

I've been keeping an eye out for the hard science on this for awhile (remember I'm a scientist by training). See that chart? See the yellow lines and the blue? The blue is the groundwater levels from which people drink from wells in areas near fracking. The red is where the fracking happens, and the yellow is the fracturing that happens in the rock above the fracking. Even with that upward fracturing of the rock, the nearest the fractures and groundwater ever come to each other is 3000 feet, of over 350 scientific measurements at well sites. No threat to drinking water. The drilling shafts are designed with minimal (if any) impact on the groundwater, and are much safer than older wells dug specifically for drinking water.

In conclusion, liberals apparently want America to remain dependent on foriegn oil from distant, hostile, human-rights-violating countries in their position against domestic oil from hydrofracking (as well as oil from the Keystone pipeline), all in the name of saving the environment which doesn't need the overprotection they support. Case in point: the Alaska pipeline didn't damage moose or reindeer populations, or even the tundra.

The end. I wish.

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