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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hating Breitbart

The buzz about a conference of conservatives called Right Online, this year in Las Vegas with keynote speaker Sarah Palin, largely centers around Breitbart's legacy. In fact, a movie is coming out soon, which will be shown early to conference goers: Hating Breitbart. I watched the trailer. It's awesome.

Breitbart is hated, the person and the website, because of what they do: Provide an alternative to the leftist worldview. Breitbart broke and breaks stories that cut the left to the core, such as The Vetting series. For example, yesterday Breitbart wrote about Obama's unreported (by the left) friendship with Bill Ayers. And today Breitbart pursues that topic further and takes liberal media to task:
It's easy to claim that Obama and Ayers weren't "close." How does one measure "close" in the absence of detailed personal history that isn't available in this case. It's much harder to deny the connection implied by the nearly $3 million dollars Obama helped direct to Bill Ayers and his brother. Why didn't Shane Scott see fit to mention any of this?
 There's more, of course. You can read it yourself.

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