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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hatch wins big

Drudge has this link up from the Salt Lake Tribune. I've had mixed feelings about Hatch because a) he's been in the Senate for just about forever and b) he's reformed his voting to be more conservative when his constituents wanted it - he's honestly trying to do what his constituents want. Whether out of fear of being voted out or because of the honest commitment to the people who send him to Washington. Who knows. Either way I'm glad he won, because of this situation:
He vowed to keep working hard in the general election, and said he will continue to stress how important is for him to become chairman of the Finance Committee, if Republicans can win control of the Senate.

"That’s where 60 percent of all the spending is [controlled], that’s where the entitlements are, it’s where the terrible tax code is … it’s all on that committee. Romney understands that," Hatch said.
Romney absolutely needs people in Congress willing and able to work with him in cutting spending and reforming the tax code and entitlements on the Congressional leadership level. I do remember hearing in Deseret News months ago that Romney was for Hatch, and now I understand why. Seniority does matter in Congressional leadership traditionally. I'm not too sure about the House leadership being happy to work with Romney, but with a Republican president those establishment politicians aren't going to cross him even if they don't all like what he's doing. The liklihood of the GOP taking the Senate? My gut instinct says it's pretty high though far from a sure bet. Mitt Romney is probably more likely to take the presidency than the GOP is to take back the Senate, but both are within the realms of possibility. Keep up the good work, Republicans and Republican voters!

The conservatives are getting more and more impressed with how Romney plays the game against Obama. Meaning Romney avoids falling into traps the media and Obama campaign lays out for him and which most Republicans fall for. He's campaiging on his own terms and he's doing a brilliant job. Go Romney!

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