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Monday, June 4, 2012

Civil Discourse

I've noticed something about comment sections on news sites. Liberals (on the whole, not in entirety) are rude, judgemental, name-calling, lying, labeling cussers. Usually inaccurate labelers, at that. They don't engage in a discussion of ideas, they just call names. Conservatives (again, on the whole) show a little more thought behind their comments, and are less rude. They're willing to engage the left in ideas, though they're not often taken up on their offers. Sometimes conservatives will be very polite and considerate in their comments. Much less so liberals, but it still happens occasionally. Classiness and basic civility still exist in some people, at least.
Civility goes a long way in getting the other side to listen to you. So does answering questions in the realm of ideas. Debating, instead of shouting insults. Explaining, instead of name-calling. Reasoning, instead of hurling epithets. Using real data instead of 'manipulated' data a la Nancy Pelosi.
Case in point: Axelrod said to the Republican "hecklers," "You can't handle the truth!" That's insulting and unenlightening. At least Romney lets his liberal hecklers have their say and grants them their freedom of speech and makes jokes about the situation. OK, enlighten us, Axelrod, as to why we should reelect Obama for shrinking the labor force and still having high unemployment despite the number of people who left the labor force and shrinking the economy and a poor stock market and skyrocketing federal deficit and for bad government loans to Solyndra and others like it and out of control Congressional spending that Obama doesn't find fault with. Enlighten us as to why the jobs report are always revised upwards the next week and why it's OK for Obama to say he's above the fray for not personally attacking his opponent but the media does the dirty work for him and doesn't say a word in rebuke, yet Romney is expected to rebuke any follower out of line in Obama's book. Or how can Obama not be able to do anything about the economy but blame it on Bush anyway, another president who, using Obama's logic, couldn't do anything about the economy either? Let's have this discussion. A real discussion.
The same goes for editorials and news reports. I'm getting tired of the bias. Especially the ridiculous anti-Mormon bias that only exists right now because we have a Mormon Republican nominee Mitt Romney as opposed to a Mormon Democrat nominee, say Harry Reid. But really I'm tired of all of it. The "war on women" and whatever else. Let's have more substance and less opinion. More evidence and less comments and judgements passing for evidence.

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